The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation of the Philippines is here to promote the SPORT of All-Natural Bodybuilding.

We are dedicated to providing a FAIR, JUST, and NON-POLITICAL competition platform for the DRUG-FREE athlete.

We are affiliated directly with the WNBF who is proud to hold the highest standard in promoting stringently drug-tested, professionally produced bodybuilding competitions around the world celebrating 30 years in 2019 with now over 28 country affiliates... and growing!

As an affiliate with the WNBF, we are the only bodybuilding federation in the Philippines in which every athlete must pass a polygraph test performed by an officially registered examiner as to the athlete’s performance enhancing, drug-free status before they are permitted to even step on the stage. All overall winners as well as random athletes undergo a urine test to ensure there are no banned substances apparent in their system.

Any athlete that fails the polygraph exam or the urine test will be banned from the federation for 10 years. This is more strict than the Olympics.

Please visit us in the beautiful Philippines and witness an amazing celebration of the human body. You will be treated as an honoured guest.

It’s more fun in the Philippines! See you soon!

Meet Chris

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Chris is a serious technical and nutrition coach. He is passionate about lifelong wellness, all-natural training, fair, non-political competitions, and getting things done.

He is an official WNBF International Judge and has been involved with the Sport of Bodybuilding since 2013.

  • All-natural Bikini and Physique competition Trainer
  • Fitness Class and Resistance Training Instructor
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Nutrition consultant
  • Olympic Taekwondo Coach
  • Lifeguard with the Lifesaving Society
  • Fitness facility owner